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This is a starting point to be reborn from art, from that which makes us sublime in the midst of sensitivity and our artistic expression as humanity. The renaissance, since its appearance in the 15th century, has been a benchmark of self-exploration, for some, it is the artistic movement par excellence; It allowed us to rediscover all artistic expressions and let the human soul vibrate in all its forms, generating beauty in all possible manifestations.


It is time to be reborn, to adapt to the new and propose a transition, to discover and rediscover art, especially in the way we do it. In this way, the creativity of artists is again put to the test in search of the new, to tread unknown ground and experiment with artistic expression to find new ways to produce beauty, the ultimate goal of the human soul.


A series of luxury pieces, born from the imagination of Adrián Gómez Art, will be produced to invade each space, filling it with art, light and good taste. This artist's proposal creates a new way for the artistic expression, to write poetry in a new, fresh and innovative way. The soul needs to express itself, to exploit in a manifestation of beauty made art, impregnating all spaces, all rooms, all the places that decide to open its doors to be invaded with visual and aesthetic poetry with a safe investment.


For this, an art collection will be generated to address the specific space of who wants to be part of this new renaissance, this new conception of producing an artistic collection. It will be the new house and temple that will host a whole series of pieces of art and a concept that will pay tribute to the dimensions and natural beauty of the site.


A menu is presented to us to choose the new universe that will be manifested in our spaces. Four themes have been created, with a unique and different concept to choose from. Each of them will be an art collection consisting of 12 pieces that comes from  Adrián Gómez Art. Imagination. Added to this, 4 lamps from the KAUS TERRA series presented in its four characters: Kaus Sefirot, Kaus Cielo, Kaus Metatron and Kaus nebula. These pieces of utilitarian art will bring life to a new space, filling it with light and a new and vibrant artistic concept. Likewise, a Quasar is added; an aluminum sphere, artistically intervened with mixed techniques, an enigmatic piece that will shine like a sun within the constellation that will invade space.


All these pieces, these beings that arise from the rebirth of art itself, a vision of recognizing art as an investment, a new way of illuminating reality, will have the option of representing one of four exclusive concepts to be chosen by that visionary who allows the new renaissance invade its spaces and its economic heritage.


Each option is unique, as it is singular, deep in its concept and the vision of each space: Elements; water, fire, air and earth, the quintessence; this being one of the most diverse, an alchemical mixture of colors that transform places and everyone who contemplates them. Likewise, there is The White Devil, the mystical collection that focuses on light, that which manifests itself in all the characters, shapes and prismatic colors. On the other hand, there is the very concept of The Renaissance Project: "The darker the blue, the deeper you will go." This proposes outer space as a projection of the interior of each one of us, an introspective space that leads us to immerse ourselves in our inner world. Finally, the option called "Universe" is presented, a concept as broad, as hypnotic and contemplative, a great infinite work of art as the universe itself.


On the other hand, the Renaissance Project presents a new form of investment, not only for the innovative proposal in terms of interior design, mixing art with the design of interior spaces, in concepts with a unique aesthetic discourse. But, in addition, the complete collection generated for each space, has (like any investment in art), the quality of increasing its value over time, as the curriculum and the name of Adrián Gómez Art grows, as a firm that is carving its growing path in the artistic and cultural field. That is a guarantor of a solid investment, backed by the artist's career.


Each and every one of these concepts will have its own curatorship and press publication, a text that reflects the value and deep commitment to harboring, in one place, a whole reality steeped in art and visual poetry. It will enhance the value of each place invaded by The Renaissance Project, turning it into an area of ​​art, poetry, and, above all, good taste. Since it will have the minimalist, elegant and conceptual touch that characterizes Adrián Gómez Art as a brand.


Thus, art is reborn from its very way of being conceived, of being produced and from its very interpretation; here the artist creates for the space, returns to the world the beauty that it so generously gives him, turning The Renaissance Project into a new renaissance, a new mirror that reflects the beauty and sublime of the universe as a total space, like an infinite poem , transcending the very space to be addressed, turning it into a single work of art.

J.R Fermin

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